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What you will find here?

A woman hand pesting spices and herbs in a mortar

Our Products

We look for our herbs and spices directly where they grow, and we buy just after harvest to provide the freshest products. Yes, even spices, like every other natural product, have their seasonality!

We sell only pure origin spices, because like for wines, spices have a different taste when they are grown in a different "terroir". For example, cumin grown in an arid region, on sandy soil (like in Rajasthan, India) will be tastier than if grown in a rainy place. 

But do not worry, I've done all the research so you don't have to, and you would just find in our shop the most flavourful spices!

Seed Root Leaf is also a spice wholesalers; find us in the Annuaire Distributeur bio PACA

A ginger plantation in India

A ginger plantation in the south of India

Our Philosophy

I love to cook, and to eat well, and spices and herbs gives me an incredible palette of flavors to play with in the kitchen.

I mostly love food when it is fresh, in season, and well cared for, and herbs and spices make no exception: I make every effort to source our products consciously, from small farmers that respect the environment, all over the world.

Our spices are sold whole or freshly ground, to ensure they retains all of their essential oils (and aroma, and taste) and are packaged with love.

Woman selling chillies in Orissa (India)

A woman selling chillies in a farmer market in Orissa, India

Sustainability: our priority

Sustainability, in its broader sense, is one of the biggest priorities here at Seed Root and Leaf, and we do everything we can (and something more) to live by it.

We are supporters of the sustainable spice initiative, that promotes sustainable practices in spice production, for safer products and better conditions for farmers.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only related to how we source our products, but also for everything related to our packaging we started a difficult but necessary path:

avoid plastic altogether!

our products are packaged in tin boxes (resistant, reusable, and fully recyclable) or in paper pouches with an inner barrier and a resealable zip made of fully biodegradable materials.

Even our labels are made of paper derived from sugarcane bagasse (a byproduct of sugar production) and we use a biodegradable glue.

And we ship them in recycled cardboard boxes, sealed with a paper tape (fully recyclable with the box, and biodegradable).

And last but not least, we are members of 1% for the planet, meaning that we devolve 1% of our annual revenues to environmental organisations and nonprofits.

Logos of organisations engaged in green, fairtrade, and sustainability practices

Our commitments to sustainability

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This post was updated on April 4th, 2019