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The world’s 30 best spice mixes

Spices are part of the culinary traditions of many countries around the world, and it is rare to find dishes where only a spice is used. In fact, spices play more like an orchestra, creating a balance of flavors and aromas. Each country has developed its own combinations of favorite spices and aromatic ingredients, and […]

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How to store spices and herbs – the ultimate guide

How to store spices and herbsKeeping spices in glass jars arranged in a open cupboard like in the photo above is a very beautiful solution, but is it the best way to store them? Do you know that leaving your spices exposed to the light can harm their aroma and taste and reduce their shelf life?  Ok, […]

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A list of Indian spices (what they are and how to use them)

What are Indian spices?Spices are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Indian cooking, and after all India has been for centuries the center of spice trade (Malabar, a region now part of the state of Kerala is considered the native land of Pepper, Cardamom and many other spices) Every Indian dish includes […]

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