Cloves, the dried buds of syzygium aromaticum, are a strong spice used in spice blends and to flavor broths, stews and sweets.

The spice with the highest level of antioxidants, cloves are traditionally used as an analgesic for dental pain.

Our cloves are sourced from small farmers in Sri Lanka, and are organically grown and handpicked to guarantee the best quality and absence of broken pieces.



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This sweet spice is the dried unopened bud of a plant in the myrtle family. Native to the Maluku islands (Moluccas), clove grew only in these remote islands of the Indonesia archipelago, as well as the nutmeg tree, for centuries. Merchants from everywhere came to these islands to buy the precious harvests: Chinese, Arabs, and then Portuguese and Dutch in the XVI century. Only at the end of XVIII century the production of clove was “exported” outside the archipelago. Nowadays the biggest producer is still Indonesia, but Madagascar and Tanzania have important shares of the world market. Indonesia is also the biggest consumer of clove, but not for culinary reasons: cloves are used to flavor the local cigarettes.


We source our cloves from small farmers in Sri Lanka, that grow it organically.

The buds are handpicked and sorted to avoid broken cloves and guarantee the best quality


Cloves are very rich in essential oils (up to a 18% concentration) and the main aromatic component of clove is eugenol, which is responsible for the spice bittersweet, pungent and somewhat “medicinal” taste.

Its culinary use is common, in small doses, both in Europe, where it is used to flavor broths (the classic “nailing” of an onion with cloves), marinades, stews, and in Asia, Northern Africa and Middle East, where it is often part of spice blends (garam masala and chai masala in India, Chinese five spices, Moroccan ras el hanout and Lebanese baharat, just to name a few).

Used sparingly can add a warming sweet touch to many dishes, both savory, and sweet.


Cloves pairs well with the following products:

Spices – Cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and mace.

Seasonings and herbs – Balsamic vinegar, bay leaves, garlic, fresh ginger, basil, sage

Fruits & Vegetables – Onion, cabbage, strawberry, banana

Proteins – Lamb, Beef, Pork

Other – Chocolate, dairy, dried fruit


Clove is the spice that has the highest phenolic total, 16000mg/100g, (compared for example to less than 200mg/100g for healthy vegetables like broccoli and kale) meaning that one teaspoon of cloves is packed with the same amount of antioxidants as a side-dish of broccoli.

I am not suggesting you eat that teaspoon of cloves, because it won’t taste very good! But starting to use a bit more cloves in your cooking will certainly do you some good; try adding a few cloves in your infusions, or in a syrup for a fruit salad, or you can even chez on a clove after a meal to freshen your breath, like people in Iraq do traditionally.

Traditionally used as an analgesic for dental pain, clove has a strong antimicrobial and antibacterial activity against a variety of pathogens, proved by many scientific studies.


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