Kampot Pepper


Kampot Pepper, a truly exceptional pepper, the first protected by an Indication of Origin.

Black, White, and the rare Red and Dark Red Peppercorns, organic and hand sorted, in metal boxes or stand up paper pouches that preserve their parfum and fragrance.

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This post was updated on February 7th, 2019


Kampot Pepper is a true gourmet pepper, considered one of the best in the world. The Kampot region in Cambodia has a very specific microclimate, influenced by the marine winds and the adjacent mountains, with regular rains and a soil rich in quartz that is perfect for growing pepper vines.


Pepper cultivation in this region has an history dating back 400 years, but it nearly died during the Khmer Rouge dictatorship when the farmers were thrown out of their plantations. Luckily for everybody in the recent decades pepper is again the flagship of Cambodian excellence, and since 2016 Kampot Pepper has a Protected Geographical Indication label.

This certification guarantees an excellent product for customers, and a fair salary for the farmers. The pepper plants are grown organically with natural fertilizers, the peppercorns are washed, sun-dried, and hand sorted to assure the best quality.

Our Kampot Peppers (Black, Red, Dark Red and White) are sourced from small producers with the help of Farmlink, a Cambodian Company supporting farmers. Each batch is traceable, you can see who produced your batch here (current batch numbers are under each type of pepper)




Black Kampot Pepper

When the drupes (berries) of the pepper plant start to mature and from a dark green color they start to become slightly yellow, they are harvested to produce black pepper. The berries are washed and sun-dried and during this drying process, an oxidation occurs, and the outer husk becomes hard and black giving the black peppercorn that we know.

Kampot Black Pepper has a strong but delicate aroma; the pungency of the piperine is accompanied by floral notes, with hints of mint and eucalyptus, and a peppery taste the lingers pleasantly on the tongue.

Perfect when freshly ground on braised meats, roasted veggies, French fries, and in classic Italian Pasta Cacio e Pepe.

see your farmer using this code: B810201


Red Kampot Pepper

Red Pepper is one of the rarest peppers in the world, only produced in Kampot (and in the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc, just in front of Kampot).

The drupes are left on the plant until they are ripe and red and then harvested and sun dried. The peppercorns maintain an intense reddish color and develop a complex fruity aroma. Red pepper is less pungent than black, but what it lacks in power it gains in subtlety: notes of ripe fruits, sugar, jasmine and iodized aromas will be a perfect match for fish and seafood (sprinkled on grilled squid with some lemon zest is incredible). You can also try interesting combinations with desserts (think a dark chocolate cake finished with fleur de sel and freshly ground red pepper)


Dark Red Kampot Pepper

Dark Red Pepper sits in the middle between red and black: the drupes are left on the vine to ripen, but are harvested before becoming fully red. The drying process and the oxidation  is similar to those for black pepper, but the berries develop a nice red-brown-black color, and a complex taste and aroma with hints of dried cranberries, flowers, and an even more pronounced oceanic scent.

Perfect on fishes (roasted, but also smoked) and in cream-base sauces.


White Kampot Pepper

The ripe, fully red berries are harvested to produce red pepper, but if their husk (pericarp) is removed then only the inner white core remains, that when dried becomes white pepper. To remove the pericarp the peppercorns are traditionally soaked in water for 24 hours, the husk softens and is then removed.

Kampot White Pepper is different from most of the other white peppers, because it is produced from fully ripe berries and this gives a more complex flavor, with fresh herbs and citrus notes, while still maintaining a nice pungency.

Fabulous on fish, shellfish and vegetables.



Kampot, Cambodia


25 grams, 70 grams


Premium Grade
Protected Geographical Indication
ECOCERT certified

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